distybox switch

The distybox switch is a DECT / GAP terminal with electric inputs.

One input is used to connect a potential-free dry contact (= relay/switch).
The second pair of terminals can detect a voltage change (potential-free, 3 V - 48 V).


Upon a change of the input, a call is established to a pre-programmed telephone number.

By pressing the built-in button, a call can be established/terminated (= test feature).

The power supplied via a USB plug (= mains/USB power bank/etc).

The configuration is made by means of a programming adapter and a PC. This requires the Programmieradapter (= see distyNotruf pro).

One of the endless possibilities is the application of a cordless call system in a hobby market. Please follow this link for an example of "DECT Rufsystem" http://www.netcom-solutions.org/news