•  What do I need for the operation?
    You need a telephone connection, a router (eg. Fritzbox or Speedport with DECT function) or a cordless telephone.
  •   Is the installation complicated?
    No, on the contrary, it is conceivably simple. For this purpose, only 2 keys have to be used according to Operating instructions. Please note that for subscription to the base station, the distyNotruf must be connected to a power source (= charging mode).
  • Do I have to conclude a contract, which results in consequential costs?
    No, after the acquisition of the distyNotruf no further costs or liabilities arise.
  • Is the unit also available in other colors?
    No, at the moment there is only the device in black.


  • How do I program emergency numbers?
    There are four different options for programming:
    1. You use our service, which will program you the numbers remotely into the memory of your device.
    2. The number, which first calls the distyNotruf, is saved (= as 1st emergency phone number).
    3. You also purchase a programming adapter. You download the corresponding software from our homepage (= Programmer App). Connect the adapter according to the User manual. Now you can program the numbers yourself and change many settings in the device.
    4. In order to program the emergency numbers yourself, it is unavoidable that you must call the distyNotruf for each new or changed number from external, e.g. with your own mobile phone/cell phone.
    The calling phone should not be in the same room as the distyNotruf.
     After a voice connection is established, dial the following keyboard shortcuts on the external device:
         - Emergency call number 1: ** 9pause2 (emergency call number) #
         - Emergency call number 2: ** 9pause61 (emergency call number) #
         - Emergency call number 3: ** 9pause62 (emergency call number) #
         - Emergency call number 4: ** 9pause63 (emergency call number) #
         - Emergency call number 5: ** 9pause64 (emergency call number) #
      After you press the # - key, the connection is terminated. '
    pause' means, that you wait one second before dialing the next numbers! After receiving the sequence **9, the device will switch into programming mode.
  • Can I change individual emergency numbers?
    Yes, proceed as described in the previous section under 4.
  • Can I wear the distyNotruf only on the wrist?
    No, both a belt clip and a collar/ Lanyard are items of the package list.
  • I do not like the bracelet, what can I do?
    The bracelet is attached with 2 standard 22 mm spring pins, as usual with many watch types. You can exchange the bracelet with any bracelet available in the market.
  • How long does the battery last?
    In normal operation approx. 1 week.
  • Can I plug the USB plug wrongly?
    No, since it is a USB-C plug, it is completely indifferent how you plug it into the jack of the distyNotruf for charging purpose.
  • What is the difference between distyNotruf and distyNotruf pro?
    The 'pro' - version is mainly for professional users. A programming adapter is mandatory for operation (= Programmieradapter, Mat.-No.: 5000359).
  • Can the distyNotruf be operated simultaneously at several base stations?
    No, only at one base station.
  • What happens when an answering machine (AM) or a mailbox receives the emergency call?
    Since each emergency call must be acknowledged, but an AM is not able to do so, the next number is automatically dialed.
  • The distyNotruf can not be subscribed to the base station?
    - The PIN number (= Authentication code/AC) of the base station must be set to "0000",
     - memory of the base station is full; all handsets are subscribed,
     - the distyNotruf is not connected to a power source with its USB cable.
  • Problem: in case of a nearly battery discharge, the distyNotruf starts an alarm by calling the stored alarm numbers and announcing the "Low battery" - announcement. This can lead to misunderstandings.
    This parameter can be changed by exactly the same procedure as described in point 4.
    The deactivation is done by selecting **9 88 99307 0 #.
  • distyNotruf does not dial? When using a PBX, it is possible that the alarm call (= outgoing call) is not possible. This is caused by the pulsed internal dial tone of the telephone system, which is similar to the busy tone. In error, the busy tone detection of the distyNotruf triggers and stopps the connection again. The increase the parameter "automatic hang-up", e.g. To the value = 2, will make it work.
  • Dial pause? When operating on a private branch exchange (= PBX), it may happen that after accessing the trunk (= 0) a short break is necessary and then the dialing is continued. This requires activation of the dialing pause in the distyNotruf. This is done by dialing ** 9889171 #.